Our Story.
Making wines that could only come from California’s unbelievably diverse Central Coast wine country.

Wild Horse Winery & Vineyards

We made our first wine in a plastic tub.
Stirred it with a baseball bat. It was a senior
project at Cal Poly that very quickly became
a reason to be.

In 1981, we bought the winery’s first vineyard
and two years later released our first
two wines: a Pinot Noir and a Cabernet
Sauvignon. Our unconventional roots made
  it possible for us to become who we are
today--the leading luxury winery on
California’s Central Coast.

We named the winery Wild Horse as a
tribute to the herds of mustangs that once
roamed the hills above the vineyards. And
quite possibly we also had in mind the
Cal Poly mascot – a galloping horse.


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Wild Horse Winery , Templeton, CA
1437 Wild Horse Winery Ct. Templeton, CA 93465 | 805.788.6300

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